13th Annual CADDRA ADHD Conference

Research Day

 October 27th 2017

ADHD Institute

 October 27th 2017


 October 28-29th 2017

Quebec City, QC


A Call for Abstracts for workshop and seminar sessions will open in early 2017.

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12th CADDRA Annual ADHD Conference, Ottawa, October 2016

ADHD Research Day Student/Trainee Travel Awards and CADDRA Prizes

Congratulations to the ten student/trainee travel awards winners listed below. Each was awarded $500, sponsored by NeuroDevNet.ca, to cover travel expenses to the 2016 Research Day in Ottawa. In addition, CADDRA sponsored two Best Poster awards for Student/Trainees of $125 cash and a one-year CADDRA membership.

2016 Neurodevnet Travel Award Winners

Weam Fageera, Douglas Mental Health University Institute and McGill University, Quebec: Using behavioral dynamic approaches to test for gene-by-gene interaction in modulating ADHD behaviors. 

Justine Ledochowski MA, York University, LaMarsh Centre for Child & Youth Research, ON: Examination of a Novel Unstructured Performance-Based Measure of Executive Function in Children with ADHD.

Kristen Hudec PhD, University of British Columbia, BC: Parent Qualities Contribute to Satisfaction and Outcomes in Parenting Groups for Social Problems in Children with ADHD.

Genevieve Mackenzie, University of Toronto, Ontario: The Role of Language Comprehension in the Relationship between Working Memory and Reading Comprehension among Youth with and without ADHD.

Darya Naumova BSc, McGill University, QC: Prenatal Stress and DRD4 Genotype: Exploring Gene-Environment Interaction in Children with ADHD.

Nellie Fotopoulos, Douglas Institute, QC: Anatomical neuroimaging of environmental risk factors in children with ADHD.

Arunima Roy, McGill University, QC: Predictors of adult functioning outcomes in individuals with and without childhood ADHD: results from the 16 year follow up of the MTA study.

Meisan Brown-Lum BPHE, University of British Columbia, BC: Microstructural Differences in White Matter Pathways Associated with Motor and Attention Functioning in Children 8-12 Years of Age.

Kayla Ten Eycke, University of Calgary, AB: Imaginative Drawing in Children with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder.

Dominique Salh, UBC Vancouver Peer Relationships Lab, BC: The Positive Illusory Bias (PIB) and Adult-Child Relationship Quality.

CADDRA Best Poster Award Winners

Christina Gray, University of Calgary, AB: Drifting Thoughts: Mind Wandering and Resilience in Youth with ADHD. 

Lina Ianni MSc (cand.), McGill University, QC: Occupational Therapy for children with Attention Disorders: A Scoping Review.